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Traditional Scholarships

John (Far Right) and JoAnn Nestor                           For many St. Petersburg College students, the availability of
meet Political Analyst David Brooks                         financial assistance can mean the difference between enrolling
at the Foundation’s Distinguished                           in classes and deferring academic and career goals. In fact, it is
Speaker Event                                               widely reported that the availability of financial assistance has a
                                                            greater influence on student recruitment and retention than any
     John and JoAnn Nestor are passionate about             other controllable factor.
     focusing their philanthropic efforts in the community
     they call home. In 2014, the couple discussed their    With the support of friends and partners like John and JoAnn
     desire to make an impact in the area of education      Nestor, the Foundation was able to award over $1.5 million
     with St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman and            in scholarships to more than 1,900 students in the 2015-16
     his recommendation led them to St. Petersburg          academic year. These scholarships support the College’s efforts
     College.                                               to attract and retain a broad and diverse student enrollment.
                                                            And with more than 60% of the College’s annual enrollment
     Understanding the importance of affordable,            relying on tuition assistance, scholarships play a critical role in
     accessible and high quality education, the Nestors     student success and help ensure that our graduates possess
     began working with the SPC Foundation to create        the high-demand skills sought by area employers.
     the John and JoAnn Nestor Scholarship. Through
     the Foundation’s Traditional Scholarship Initiative,
     the Nestors were able to tailor their award to
     coincide with their specific interests and to-date
     have awarded over 40 student scholarships.

   Timora Works  Traditional scholarships provide support to students like Timora. With constant
                 instability throughout her childhood in Midtown, St. Petersburg, she dropped out of
                 high school and eventually found herself living in a homeless shelter.

                 “I felt like giving up on everything. I was lost and did not know how to begin to start
                 my life over,” said Timora. Inspired by her older sister, Timora decided to obtain
                 her GED and enroll at SPC.

                 The financial assistance Timora received through SPC Foundation scholarships
                 allowed her to fully focus on her studies. The scholarships did so much more than
                 pay for tuition, they gave Timora a greatly needed boost of confidence.

                 “The scholarships made me know that people actually care about what I have
                 done to get to where I am today.” Timora graduated with an A.A. in Business
                 Administration in May 2016 joining the more than 640 scholarship recipients who
3                graduated during the 2015-16 academic year.
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