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Study Abroad Scholarships

International study is one of the   Helen Gilbart
best opportunities to prepare
students for life beyond the                                        Helen Gilbart helped set the standard for exemplary
classroom.                                                          service and dedication at SPC. After earning an A.A.
                                                                    degree from St. Petersburg Junior College in1964 and
Research shows that students                                        bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Education with
who participate in foreign                                          specializations in English, Speech and Journalism
study programs have better                                          from the University of Florida, Helen returned to
grades, increased retention                                         the College as a faculty member at the Clearwater
and graduate from college at                                        Campus. Gilbart says, “It was fun to see the college
higher rates than students who                                      change and grow.” She retired as the Program
do not study abroad. What’s         Director for Humanities, Fine Arts and Communications in 1997.
more, the experience helps build
the critical thinking, problem      Helen and her late husband established the Donald and Helen Gilbart
solving, time management            Scholarship Fund in 1997. This gift made the Gilbarts one of the earliest
and communication skills that       members of the Foundation’s Legacy Society, ensuring that their scholarship will
have become requirements            continue to benefit students long into the future. Their scholarship has already
for success in today’s              provided much-needed financial support and encouragement to more than 150
global marketplace. Thanks          students in the fields of education, social service, mental and physical health.
to generous donors who
understand the value of             A women of great energy and vision, Helen was a founding member of the
international travel, a growing     Women on the Way program and the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art. Her
number of students receive          spirit of adventure has also led Helen to many destinations around the globe.
scholarships of up to $2,000 to     Recognizing the far-reaching educational value of international travel, Helen has
help cover the cost of their study  been sponsoring Study Abroad Scholarships at SPC since 2013.
abroad trip.

SPC students learn about Gustave Eiffel          4
and visit his iconic creation in Paris, France.
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